Release Notes

Check back here regularly for the latest features

28th of March
  • Many UI/UX improvements for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications
  • Offline interface improvements for your Tetherbox for those occasions there you need to access footage without an Internet connection.
14th of March
  • Audio Challenge:
    • Ability to play pre-recorded messages: siren, test beep
    • Ability to speak directly to person on site (push to talk)
Small Improvements:
  • Improved design for confirmation dialogs
Bug fixes
  • Display correct icon and label for events which do not have camera cloud subscription
28th of February
  • Calipsa and DeepAlert integration: optional services that reduce false alerts by 95%. Get in touch with us for more details.
  • Tether now offer level-1 support, please press the help button in the bottom right.
  • Improvements to multiple event selection:
    • Make the select menu float, so you don't have to scroll up after selecting your events.
    • Add ability to share multiple events by email or by copying a link.
  • Improve h.265 compatibility on Apple devices.
Small Improvements:
  • Show Tetherbox serial in the Tetherbox offline interface.
  • Improve mapping of cameras to alarm panel zones (requires alarm integration).
  • New loading spinner.
  • Improve the loading speed of the events table.
  • Add support for zoom on ONVIF PTZ cameras.
  • When filtering by analytics/sensors, now uses an OR search instead of an AND search. Allows you to search for events that are either confirmed by Calipsa or DeepAlert.
Bug fixes
  • You can now toggle lights on/off on PTZ cameras with lights
  • You can now add 10x more cameras/devices in "monitor only mode"
  • Up to date health information is requested when viewing a Tetherbox in the platform
31st of January
Small improvements
  • Live view should load a lot faster on sites with many cameras
  • Users can no longer set an expiry date for themselves
17th of January
  • Support more than 5 columns of events on larger screens:
  • Administrators can now switch off notifications of logins to their sites:
  • Events are highlighted in amber or red if they are coming from a compatible alarm panel, or if generated by analytics of an armed camera.
Small improvements
  • Display a warning If a camera is armed, but the location is disarmed:
  • Fix issue with the map being too zoomed out by default
  • Change event thumbnails to fill instead of fit by default
  • Improved analytics alert emails:
    • Added additional images to alert emails
    • Improved description of what triggered the alert:
  • Display only active zones in live view instead of everything
  • On events page, display a "select circle" allowing you to add/remove events from the selection
Bug Fixes
  • Display correct snapshot state status for camera in "Monitor only mode"
  • Small UI fixes:
    • Display correct events opacity when searching for "closed" events
    • Fixed an issue where a blank screen was displayed when deleting or closing all events
  • Fixed issue of PTZ controls not displaying after changing a preset
  • Fixed issue with UI not rendering correctly with H265 in live view
  • Fixed issue with duplicate cameras displaying in live view when there are just 2 cameras in total
  • Fixed the "Check Password" button for DVRs
  • Fixed delete user button on users page when user has only one timeline
  • Handle faulty external drives better
6th of December
  • Multi-select events:
    • Select multiple events by dragging a rectancle over them
    • Select individual events by holding CMD or Ctrl + the left mouse button
    • Presently, you can bulk close/open/flag/delete events. An upcoming release will allow bulk sharing/downloading events
  • Added support for moving external storage drives between Pico and "Tetherbox" units
Small improvements
  • Better support for ONVIF analytics
  • Display custom branding in emails
  • New page in knowledgebase for Mobotix cameras
  • On live view set and display correct zones which are active with active camera when loading page
  • Add better logging to cameras
  • Changed text for button to "Set Password" when setting a password for the first time
  • Added tooltip for exact date of latest recording on camera index
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sorting Local Storage by status
22nd of November
  • New Tetherbox Range: Tetherbox, Tetherbox Pico, Tetherbox Giga
Small improvements
  • Improve alert emails to add a short explanation for the video analytic that was triggered to generate the alert
  • Updated styles for "Set Default" button on timelines page - this is used to set your default timeline when you have access to multiple timelines.
Bug fixing
  • Fixed bug with user can't to add active cameras because of cameras limit in case when user has active deleting cameras.
  • Fixed sliding on timelapses page.
  • Correctly detect wrong password when a camera is in monitor mode.
8th of November
  • You can now arm/disarm locations. When a location is disarmed, the user will not receive notifications for any cameras/alarms in that location.
Small Improvements
  • Stats Page:  Show a breakdown by unit type in your Tetherbox Activations Per Month chart
  • Added tooltips to explain the "Monitor" and "Record" camera modes.
  • Display an alert if you try to delete a zone that has a camera attached to it.
  • Start calendars on Monday not Sunday
  • We now have a blog on the Tether website
25th of October
  • We now have a new cloud server in Mumbai, India for our customers in India
Bug Fixes
  • Events Table:   Fixed bug when the live view preview didn't stop at the end of the event
  • Tetherbox Activation:  Somtimes cameras failed to migrate to a replacement Tetherbox
  • Automatically recover if someone unplugs an external drive and plugs it back in quickly
  • Automatically handle when Smart Plugs change IP addresses
  • When deleting a live preset, stop re-directing to the Time-lapses page
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes for PTZ:
    • Remove focus from button after response came (PTZ)
    • Improve PTZ speed control with Dahua cameras
11th of October
Small Improvements
  • New PTZ interface for mobile and desktop
  • Improved the "are you still there" window:
  • Improved styling of toggle buttons
  • Improved support for Mobotix Cameras
  • Better detection of frozen video streams on certain cameras
  • Automatically handle if a camera changes IP (on cameras set to DHCP)
Bug Fixes
  • Correctly display offline for cameras that have 100% packet loss
  • Fix a bug where packet loss was displayed as more than 100% for some devices
  • Fixed a bug where table headers sometimes didn't align with the table body
  • Fix a bug where you had to switch from "Off" to "Monitor" multiple times to put the camera in monitor mode
  • The map is now full screen on mobile and desktop:
27th of September
Small Improvements
  • Improvements to analytics alert emails to attach more images and improve description.
  • Improve live view layout on mobile devices
11th of September
  • Added support for Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link for unattended Tetherboxes. The plugs can be configured to automatically power cycle the Tetherbox as well as any other equipment if it stops working for any reason (e.g. power surge, router froze up, switch froze up, etc).
  • You can now add presets on the Timelapse page as well as see Time-lapse images from specific locations. This means you no longer need to select cameras 1 by 1 when reviewing Time-lapse images across multiple cameras/sites.
Small Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • When you scan the Tetherbox QR code, you now see basic information about the unit, including if it is online.
  • Fixed a bug where "Recent Connections" tab on the Tetherbox page appeared empty.
  • Improvements to the wording in the audit log, e.g. instead of "Performed Toggle on Camera" it now says "Turned Camera On".
  • Make all tables scrollable on mobile (Android & iOS)
  • You can now share the event directly from the recording page
  • Fixed bug where the profile picture had a gray border on Safari:
28th of August
Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Updated the Time-lapse interface to reduce flicker
  • Display CPU usage of each camera on the cameras page
  • Fixed a bug with a "Comment is invalid" error being displaced when toggling a camera on/off
  • We can now adjust the partner discount from list on a partner by partner basis. Partners can also adjust their mark-up on a customer by customer basis (50% default):
14th of August
  • Event Comments - you can now comment on events, to give all information about the captured event in context.
  • Grouped Emails - When you have multiple Tetherboxes that are offline, previously you would receive individual emails per unit, now you receive a single email summary.
  • Live View per Location - When you have multiple locations, previously would have to manually create presets for each location, now you can select a location to have Tether generate a preset automatically. You can still customise this preset.
  • Notificataions: Add a way to customise if analytics notifications should be sent as a push notification, email, or both:
Small Improvements
  • Improve the user experience when pinging and port scanning network devices
  • Show a more accurate lifespan tooltip for SU650 SSDs
  • Fixed PTZ Preset bug where dropdown was not rendering correctly in Firefox
31st of July
  • If you select a single zone, you can now expand all events to see every recording in that zone, so you don't have to press "next, next, next", when reviewing a single camera.
  • Major improvements to the Excel exports
  • If you have multiple Tetherboxes that are offline, you will now receive a single email listing them all, instead of individual emails.
  • You can now port scan and ping network devices
  • Better handling of default passwords. When a new camera is added and we don't know what the password is, it will now ask for the password to be entered before you can turn the camera on, to prevent the camera being locked out due to too many wrong password attempts.
Small Improvements
  • Show in the event Thumbnail is the event was generated by the camera analytics or the built in Tetherbox object detection.
  • Show if live view is not available and the reason why, e.g. support access is disabled, or the camera is on a schedule.
  • Changes hard drive filter wording from "Faulty" to a more accurate "Potential Fault". New filter for finding where a fault has been confirmed
  • Detection of weak passwords. If a camera has a weak password, it will show a label warning you that the camera password is weak.
  • Fix a bug where changing the camera mask would sometimes not automatically apply.
  • Add an improvement where if an external USB drive is unplugged and plugged back in quickly, the Tetherbox will automatically restart the recording process to automatically recover.
17th of July
  • Added support for PTZ Presets:
  • Added a way to select what camera analytics to send push/email alerts for:
Small Improvements
  • Show if a camera has a custom schedule in the camera table
  • Make Hard Drive Fault detection better - previously it would show certain SSD models have a potential fault, when they didn't
  • Updated API documentation
  • Improved styling on the help page
  • Fix a bug where ticking the "Force TCP" camera option under advanced would require restarting the Tetherbox
  • When checking camera password, it would show the results in red, now shows in the appropriate colour (e.g. green if the credentials are correct)
3d of July 2020
  • Display not supported page if browser is not not supported
  • Add icons next to cameras to show unusual settings
  • Added filter badges to display selected filters
  • Added possibility to select specific engineer and timeline on the filter at the same time
  • Changed XLS export button to dropdown
  • Added release notes page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed filtering by Tetherbox version
  • Fix offline interface on Tetherbox and add specs for live / recordings
  • Fixed XLS export when select All timelines
19th of June 2020
  • Show message in the tooltip when there is a confirmed fault and confirmed_fault_message
  • Released new 64-bit Tether app for Android
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sidebar scrolling on mobile
  • Fixed TB page to show smart info in storage tab
  • Made real-time updates default to yes for events
  • Speed up LPR page
  • Address does not change on map, when editing address

5th of June 2020
  • Added base XLS export
  • Updated copyright/brand fields to be dynamically
  • Detect if ONVIF is disabled for camera
  • Added toggle to turn on/off realtime updates for events
  • Improvements to audit session:
    • Don't log "Viewed Events table" unless they changed filter or something
    • Show params were present
    • Limit audit session duration to 24 hours
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed remembering search results

8th of May 2020
Video Surveillance
  • Live view now shows HD/SD toggle
Audit Log
  • Show names of timelines and companies instead of showing the IDs
  • Show the old and new camera mask in the audit log
  • Audit log for every resource (e.g. history of all changes to a camera, history of who viewed the event and when, etc)
Small Improvements
  • Improvements to events table: tooltips, animations, show who and event was closed by and when, etc.
  • Add ability to add a profile picture to users
  • Add Apple Sign In
  • Remember when "all" is selected in the timeline filter
  • Improve styling in event filtering in the mobile app
Bug Fixes
  • Fix users table not filtering correctly
  • Fix table filtering intermittently returning old results
  • Fix camera scheduling interface rendering wrong
  • Fix ONVIF PTZ broken by addition of a speed slider

24th of April 2020
Major Changes
  • Introducing Event Dismissing- The events interface, which shows a hybrid live / event view, now updates existing events and brings new events in realtime, with ability to dismiss the event. This will hide the event from the default view without permanently deleting.This is an ideal interface for environments that need to respond to realtime incoming events with an audit trail of who responded and after how long of a delay.
  • Interface polish across the board
Device Management
  • You can now search by cameras and devices that are being monitored

10th of April 2020
Major Changes
  • New Events- the events page was completely rewritten. The immediate improvements are it will now update in realtime as new events come in and it can be viewed as a list instead of as a thumbnail view.The new code driving this page means we can add many important improvements in the coming months including: being able to dismiss events with a tap, being able to select multiple events at once for mass sharing / deleting, handing non video surveillance events better and much more.
Other Changes
  • Change the links in custom branded emails to point to the custom branded Timeline
  • Fix the brochure / quick start links in the welcome email
  • Fix events page not being tall enough to show the full filter menu
  • Add Fit / Fill to Event and Time-lapse thumbnails
  • Add Fit / Fill to Video Playback
  • Remember page number when going back to results
  • Improve toggle button styling
  • Improve styling of "Remote Live View Disabled" and similar permission restrictions:

27th of March 2020
Interface/UX Improvements
  • Rich Text Editor: You can now add notes to Users, Tetherboxes, Cameras and Network Devices in rich text format, meaning you can keep all the key details in the Tether platform.
  • Welcome Email: New branded welcome email in either the Tether branding or your own custom branding, to onboard new users added to the platform.
  • Add a warning to the Tetherbox table when network scanning is disabled
  • New Tether It app for iOS
User Management / Permissions
  • Stop sending notifications from demo systems
Alarm Panels
  • Integration with CONXTD
  • Ability to send Texecom SIA alarms to CONXTD and to IP receivers
Video Surveillance
  • Add ability to change common camera settings without tunnelling to the cameras (through ONVIF)
  • Add company type and add some fields
  • Add support for Ganz camera PTZ
  • Add support for older Hikvision ANPR cameras
Bug Fixes
  • Map doesn't resize when resizing window
  • Live view layout breaks when there are many cameras with errors
  • When searching for something specific in a table (e.g. a camera name), the search is not remembered when going back to the table
  • Timeout remembered searches after an hour to avoid confusion
  • Selecting Tetherbox when editing a camera works now

27th of February 2020
  • Texecom POC - partitions, support for 24 zone panel, improvements
  • API for CONXTD
  • Audio Challenge for AllGuardAlarms
  • Ability to cycle presets in live view (required for India project)
  • Improved email styling
  • Add to email subject if the unit was switched on and operating while offline
  • New Distributor Mode that shows Map, Health and Stats (work in progress)
  • New event view toolbar to set fit/fill, turn live preview on/off and set number of thumbnails per columnough live chat in the bottom right corner of your interface
  • Bug fixes
    • Filtering alarms by company now works